Learn About Car Insurance Claims Without The Need For A Driving License And RC

Car insurance is a simple way to recoup any losses you face if your car gets damaged, in an accident or otherwise. A car insurance claim made to your insurer is a sure-shot way to pay for any damages to your car. You only need some basic documents and send an online or offline application to buy insurance for your car. In case of an accident, theft, damages, or other circumstances, you just need to inform your insurer about the situation at the earliest, submit the documents required, and begin the claim process. While most people are unaware of this, you can even make car insurance accident claims without the need for a driving license or RC. Keep reading to know more.

Car Insurance Claims Without Driving License Or RC

If you thought you could not file an insurance claim without a driving license, you might be misinformed. Insurance providers consider certain circumstances or situations where you can file a car insurance accident claim even if you do not have your driving license or RC with you. For instance, you could have bought a new car and maybe learning how to drive it. You may also have a driver who drives you everywhere, or you may simply have lost your license. While it might be difficult to file an insurance claim in these situations, it is most certainly not impossible.

The insurance industry implements a structure to help you claim insurance if you do not have a license. Car insurance claims without RC or license might be slightly more tedious but are still possible. When it comes to claiming insurance while not having the RC, a lot of it will depend on the terms and conditions of the insurer and the situation, such as the ones mentioned above.

How To Buy Loss Of License/RC Add On For Car Insurance?

You can file an insurance claim without RC or driving license quite easily if you buy the loss of license/RC add-on with your insurance policy. Through add-ons, you can extend the scope of your insurance policy for better service or convenience. The loss of driving license/RC add-on allows you to file a valid claim if you have lost or misplaced your license or RC. Even if your RC is temporary, you can file a claim under the loss of license/RC add-on.

If your insurer provides the add-on to your current insurance policy, you can buy the add-on online or offline. If the add-on option is not available online, you can even contact your insurance company through email or phone.

Car Package Insurance Policy Add-on: Loss of Driving License/RC

You can purchase the add-on for your car by paying an extra premium on your existing insurance policy. The add-on will become a part of your overall policy and make the insurance company compensate for your lost or stolen driver’s license and RC book. The amount you have to pay towards the loss of the documents typically depends on your vehicle insurer’s terms and conditions.

To raise a claim for this add-on, you first have to submit an FIR or a first information report at a police station. In fact, you must also file an FIR upon losing the license, RC, or vehicle keys, as soon as you discover the loss, as it can prove helpful during the claim-filing process.

Things To Do If You Have Lost Your License Or RC

If you have lost your License or RC, you need to follow the steps below to obtain a duplicate copy.

  • File an FIR at a police station near you.
  • Visit the RTO and get the necessary form to apply for a license or RC.
  • Get a NOC from your bank if you have a car loan.
  • Get an affidavit that mentions all the details of your car.
  • Submit the FIR along with the filled-in form to the RTO.
  • Pay the fee needed to obtain the duplicate.
  • Remember to take the acknowledgement slip from the RTO.


How can I know if my preferred insurer provides the loss of license/RC add-on?

You can find out if your preferred insurer provides the loss of license/RC add-on through the information provided on their website. You could also call or email the insurer to inquire about the same.

How can I check my RC status?

You can check your RC status online by visiting the ‘parihavan’ website.

Why is the RC important for car insurance claims?

RC cards are important because they hold the registration details of your vehicle.

If I only have a Third-party Liability plan, can I purchase the Loss of License/RC Add-on?

No, you cannot. To buy the loss of license/RC add-on, you need a comprehensive insurance plan.

Disclaimer: For more details on risk factors, terms & conditions please read sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. *The discount amount will vary subject to vehicle specification and place of registration

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